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International Pet Relocation and Pet Transport Services Anywhere On The Planet! - including the UK, Japan, Okinawa, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia, Hawaii, Europe and more.

International Pet Shipping & Pet Transport & Relocation to another country

The international pet shipping and pet transportation services of International Pet Transporters are provided by our experienced staff of caring, professional pet movers. A customized plan is developed to serve all of your pet travel, dog shipping and cat shipping needs. You can trust our safe and personal service with your loved ones, for comfortable transportation anywhere on the planet.
Our goal is to provide you with first-class international pet shipping service at a fair price. With the international pet relocation and pet shipping services of International Pet Transporter, you will receive the convenience, guidance and assurance for your pet’s safe arrival and peace of mind. We take care of all of the necessities:
  • Arrange pet ground transportation to and from departure airport and arrival airport.
  • Travel consultation and flight reservations for your pet.
  • Assistance with health certificates, international import documents, permits, and other travel documents for your pet, including pet inoculations required for international pet transportation.
  • USDA and airline approved flight kennels can be provided with personalized labels, identification and emergency notification instructions.
  • Customs clearance for your pet(s).
  • Meet your pet(s) at the destination airport and deliver them to your requested location.
  • Arrange kenneling and/or boarding at either end of their travels, if necessary.
We are here for you and hope that our site is informative about moving your pet with our experienced team. Our international pet moving experience and combined with our countless global resources, allow us to provide an unmatched level of personalized animal transportation services.
Contact us today to obtain an individualized consultation for the safe and professional pet transportation service for your precious pets.


All countries require that animals coming from the United States have the proper documentation from your veterinarian and the USDA veterinarian before they will be permitted boarding on any airlines.
When you need to ship a pet by air, import permits and other documents can be a major problem due to the requirements varying greatly among airlines throughout the United States and especially in foreign countries. Without the proper documentation, your pet my be stranded at an airport or in a foreign country, held in quarantine for an undetermined amount of time or immediately returned to the airport of origin at your expense.
This is a nightmare you'll never have to face when using International Pet Transporter to relocate your pet. We are a professional and specialized all inclusive pet moving service, and through our veterinarian associations and fully trained, experienced staff we are able to provide everything you need to assure a safe pet relocation, including:
  • Pet Health Certificates
  • All Required Vaccinations
  • Import and/or Export Permits
  • Required Special Licenses
  • Customs Clearance Anywhere In The World
  • Consulate Validation of Documents
  • U.S.D.A. Validation of Documents
  • Pet Micro-Chipping As Required
The list above is by no means complete. It is just a brief overview of the extensive services we provide for your international pet travel, dog shipping and cat shipping needs. Contact International Pet Transporter today to learn more about the specific requirements for the relocation of your pet anywhere in the world. International Pet Transporters are experts in the constantly changing international import and export regulations and can obtain all required permits, health paperwork and/or other documentation for your pet for most countries throughout the world. Relax and enjoy the peace of mind you’ll receive, knowing your pet's required permits, health paperwork and/or other documentation are done correctly because they were obtained by International Pet Transporter - the world’s leading professionals in global pet relocation.


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